What does the Foundation do


The Lux Luka Foundation - Lacrima ad Victoriam is what has emerged from a five-year struggle and the ensuing catharsis that Luka Hemelaere’s parents and sister experienced so intensely.

At Ghent University Hospital, confronted with the tragedy of countless children affected by brain tumours, they had numerous conversations with the doctors, professors and medical staff there and discovered just how many other families have to go down that long road. These experiences moved them so much that, from their own more fortunate position, they decided to do something for all of these children's well-being.

For this reason, the Lux Luka Foundation intends to fund the continuation of a Ghent University Hospital study focussing on the assessment of the effects of treatment while it is being carried out and/or the early detection of relapse in children diagnosed with brain tumours.

If this makes recovery therapy less strenuous, a large number of children could be saved or see their life expectancy prolonged.

This is why the Foundation cordially appeals to everyone who feels sympathetic towards this initiative to share our tears and victory together.