The Foundation


The Lux Luka Foundation - Lacrima ad Victoriam is what has emerged from a five-year struggle

and the ensuing catharsis that Luka Hemelaere’s parents and sister experienced so intensely.

Lacrima ad Victoriam (freely translated as “a tear shed in victory”) is rooted in the catharsis my parents experienced in the wake of my brother’s disease.

The Foundation aims to finance the continuation of the Ghent University Hospital study on the early detection of brain tumours in children by means of a fluorine marker.

Life without Luka has lows impossible to describe to others, and yet, in the midst of heartbreaking feelings of grief, I want to make room to balance these with feelings of ‘gratitude’, even though Luka’s absence is now painful and we have to do without the victory tear.

We still feel a gratitude for the immense love Luka gave and taught us, as well as for the wonderful years we spent together, during which he showed great strength, courage, willpower and patience in coping with his disease and during which he had to abandon his dreams.

It was a gratitude that Luka showed too for mom and dad’s unfaltering commitment for many years. Mom, who – with a large dose of positivity – was committed to Luka day and night, continues to show the same level of commitment to Lacrima ad Victoriam.